If you are interested in any of these open positions, please send your CV to : hrd@neversecondgroup.com.
SAP Consultant
Reference number : 2014002/SC
Location : Jakarta

  • 1. Fluent in English, and Bahasa (basic understanding for Japanese language is a plus)
  • 2. Qualified candidates must have at least 2-3 years related SAP, especially experience in automotive industry
  • 3. Possess knowledge and experience of SAP solutions, business and commercial credibility, strong visioning / direction setting capability, and capable of setting clear goals and tracking the realization of these goals through business changes and systems implementation programs
  • 4. Knowledge in FI/CO, or SD/MM, or PP.
Senior SQL Database Administrator
Reference number : 2014012/DB
Location : Jakarta

  • 1. Strong knowledge of data normalization and data relationships. SQL and RDBMS with some exposure to NoSQL DBs.
  • 2. MS SQL DBA experience in a 24x7 production environment.
  • 3. Assess the DB performance and lead the effort to patch, upgrade and/or tune the DB for optimum performance.
  • 4. Prior Microsoft SQL Server experience is a plus.
  • 5. Maintenance of Production MS SQL Database in a clustered highly available architecture.
  • 6. Architect MS SQL DB infrastructure to scale for high growth SaaS applications hosted in traditional data centers.
IT Programmer (JAVA, MS SQL) - Japanese Speaking
Reference number : 2014017/IP
Location : Jakarta

  • 1. Possess Bachelor Degree in Information Technology/Information System
  • 2. Strong understanding in business process
  • 3. Familiar with Java language, C++, MS SQL.
  • 4. Fluent in Japanese, English and Bahasa
Web Developer
Reference number : 2014016/WD
Location : Jakarta

  • 1. Possess Bachelor Degree in Information Technology/Graphic Design/Information System
  • 2. Excellent skill and knowledge of software programs, Web applications and programming languages such as PHP, Joomla, CSS, HTML and Java,
  • 3. Solid understanding of design principles using Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc.
  • 4. Fluent in English and Bahasa
JAVA Programmer Engineer
Reference number : 2014026/JE
Location : Jakarta

  • 1. Minimum 5 year experience in JAVA programming
  • 2. Fluent in English and Bahasa (Proficiency in Japanese language is a plus)
  • 3. Experiences in developing and design a new software
  • 4. Experience working with web protocol
CAD Engineer
Reference number : 2014025/CE
Location : Jakarta

  • 1. Strong knowledge in 3D CAD System, ability to convert 3D CAD drawing to 2D CAD drawing
  • 2. Experiences in resulting 200 ?300 drawings
  • 3. Ability to use Japanese Industrial Standard material parts and OEM�s standard material parts for researching and finding out of material catalogue
  • 4. Fluent in English and Bahasa (Proficiency in Japanese language is a plus)
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IT Internship
Reference number : 2014018/IN
Location : Jakarta

  • 1. Studying in Business Administration/Science/IT
  • 2. Fluent in English and Bahasa
  • 3. Familiar with Java, MS SQL, and Web administration